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Restorations are at the heart of Quantum Works which is why we can say we are one of the leading marque specialists. We specialise in part to full restorations carrying out all work in-house using only a small selection of trusted partners when needed. With our expert knowledge we work closely with our clients guiding them throughout the process. Your restoration will be extremely well documented with many photos and write-ups of all the processes we carry out. Antony and Jordan have carried out many restorations over the years some of which have gone on to win concours. You can rest assured your Aston Martin is in the right hands.

Aston Martin Chassis


We can cater for all types of chassis work right the way from complete body off chassis repairs to light surface rust removal and longevity treatment. We know all the areas that tend to suffer with rust and have the knowledge know-how to repair them correctly. For example DBs are quite common to suffer from rusted sills and outriggers along with cracked rear axle spring base plates. AMV8s are notorious for rotten sills. Normally the first question asked when buying an AMV8 is “what’s the condition of the sills? Have they been replaced?” DB7s in recent years are beginning to suffer from rotten front foot wells and rusty subframes. Modern era Vantages and DB9s suffer from rusty rear subframes. All these areas will be repaired correctly and will look original as it would have done when your car left the factory.

DB Triple SU


All our engines are built in house with only major machine work carried out via a trusted machine shop. All our engines are built to the individual client’s specifications. Whether it be to stay completely standard or to carry out enhancements like increasing the engine capacity and going to vantage specification we have the facilities and knowledge to cater for your needs. 

V8 Paint Shop

Paint and Body

All paint work is carried out to a concours winning standard, right the way from complete bare metal resprays to stone chips and alloy wheel refurbishment.

Aston Martin Red Trim


We can carry out all trim work including full re trims, new carpets and connalising. We will always advise on keeping the original trim where possible as it keeps the nice feel of originality and patina to your car. We also carry out many repairs for modern-era cars for example dashboard leather shrinking and seat bolster wear. Only the correct hides of leather and vinyls are used to make sure that original specification is met.

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