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Servicing at Quantum Works is something we take very seriously and are very proud of. With our encyclopaedic knowledge, experience and attention to detail we will preserve your classic or modern Aston Martin. We have been servicing and repairing Astons for over 25 years giving us the know-how to look after the following range of models:

DB2/4,DB4,DB5,DB6,DBS,AMV8,DB7,DB9,Vantage and Vanquish.

Our approach to servicing is the same for classic and modern cars. We firstly begin by carrying out an initial road test, gathering a feel for the dynamics of the car and noting anything that you may not be aware of. We then carry out a thorough visual inspection of all mechanical parts and consumables. Finally, we report back to you with a written job list. This gives you the chance to have any work rectified whilst having its general service.

Aston Martin Vantage

Modern Era Cars

Unlike main dealerships our approach to servicing is very much based upon the analysis of the car itself and a service package will be tailored specifically for your car. We gather this information from your vehicle’s total mileage, what consumables have been changed in its last service, its initial pre service road test and visual inspection. We don’t just follow the schedule by just changing what is prescribed per the mileage or year of car, we check everything, including air filters, pollen filters, wiper blades, washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, clutch fluid, transmission gear oil and where applicable hydraulic ASM pump oil. You will receive a personalised video of your car on the ramp with a detailed walk around report showing any potential parts or consumables that may need replacing. We also have the official AMDS diagnostic equipment which allows us to identify faults, Reprogram/flash and view live data.

  • A minor service will include changing the engine oil and oil filter at a cost of £495+vat.

  • A major service that will include changing the engine oil, oil filter, air filters, pollen filters and brake fluid will cost £750+vat.

DB7 Underside

MOTs and Pre MOT inspections

Before your MOT we will carry out a Pre MOT inspection. This involves us carrying out a short road test followed by an inspection on one of the lifts. If there are any potential issues we can contact you and have these resolved prior to the MOT. When we take your car for an MOT you can have peace of mind and rest assured that the only person carrying out your MOT will be one of our qualified technicians. This is one of the main reasons customers bring their cars to us for their annual MOTs. In 2018 a law was passed that stated that any vehicle over 40 years of age is no longer required to have an MOT. This does not mean that your car cannot have one, and we still advise that this is done annually especially as it helps with documenting the history of the car.

Road Testing Pre and Post Service

The main priority of the initial pre service road test is to get a feel for the dynamics of the car and how it is performing. On a dedicated planned route our test drive consists of low and medium speed corners, left and right hand turns, undulations and bumps, so we can get an understanding of how the car is performing and identify any issues that you may not be aware of. In addition, we check all driver aids along the way like braking, cruise control, ABS, A/C, climate control, steering wheel controls etc. We also have a finely tuned ear for any door rattles, suspension creaks, wheel bearing noises and wind noise from the window apertures. Once the road test is complete the car will receive its service and any potential problems picked up on the initial road test may be rectified. We will then carry out a post service road test whereby we check to make sure that all serviced items and potential issues have been carried out correctly and resolved. Once happy, the car will receive its final valet ready for you.

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